The State of Qatar

The State of Qatar lies in the Arabian Gulf in the Middle East (25 30 N 51 15 E), a country where modernity meets tradition in a seamless way. The State of Qatar is led by a young dynamic leader who is striving to lead the country into prosperity, making Qatar, a country with the highest worldwide GDP(PPP) of USD $138,500.

Qatar has a small footprint 11,600 Sq. Km with a small population of around 2.5 M. This did not deter Qatar from becoming a world player, this is due to its vision & wealth in natural gas, in which Qatar currently sits in the 2nd position as the largest LNG exporter. Qatar supplies 30% of the free world needs of LNG from a single source, and as the development of the gas fields grows in the coming years, this percentage will grow exponentially.

Qatar became a major hub in the region with major investment in the infrastructure and transportation systems. Qatar Airways, the national carrier, has over 200 modern aircraft serving 150 destinations.

The investment in education and healthcare was equally impressive, where major educational institutes have established campuses in Qatar. Qatar is the Proud host of the World Cup 2022. FIFA, the world governing body, for the first time has brought the World Cup aspiration to the Middle East. This bold step would not have come about without the International respect that Qatar has earned.