Trident International is a Technology company, established in 2001 in the State of Qatar. We are bold and creative in finding solutions to every requirement, and our portfolio reflects this with diverse fields of activities reflected below:

  • Marine & Maritime Management
  • Concept Design for specific marine usage
  • Advanced Engineering Solutions and District Cooling solutions
  • Mega Reservoir projects and water security
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment.
Marine & Maritime Managements

We have been awarded an EPIC Contract by Qatar Petroleum for the Upgrade of Ras Laffan Port Vessel Traffic Services System in Ras Laffan Industrial City. This prestigious contract is the largest LNG Port in the world which is the Home Depot for NAKILAT Fleet of LNG Carriers (Q-FLEX, Q-MAX), we won this contract against some fierce International competitors.

Although this contract calls for an Upgrade, it was a complete removal of all the existing systems and the introduction of the new VTMIS, which includes Radars, Radios, AIS, VTS, FO, METOCEAN, PMIS, VCCS, LINKS, TMM, and interfaces to other secondary systems.

Our Partner in this field was the Spanish company TELVENT/SAINSEL among other International Partners.

Security & Surveillance

The Gulf region has seen an unprecedented degree of threat level. This is the culmination of years of hostilities in the Gulf, and it is our intentions to highlight the risk and to propose solutions from States level to Oil/Gas Industries, the threat doesn’t diminish but continues to evolve in different vectors.

We have submitted numerous unique solutions to mitigate these threats and set up SOP, currently, the concerned government agencies are reviewing these submittals.

We have partnered with different international companies in this field and we are continuing our search for the latest technologies.

Concept Design for specific marine usage

We have designed and built specific concepts projects to meet challenging client requirements in Qatar and the Gulf region at large. All these projects were built to the highest international standards of the industry, we are proud that such projects like Offshore Observation Bases have exceeded the client’s requirements, our Partners on some of these projects are Rodman Polyships.

Advanced Engineering Solutions and District Cooling Solutions

We have been at the forefront of technology and as the client’s requirements continue in sophistication, the challenges continue for finding the right solutions to meet the exacting client needs, we have been working in the Southern Gulf region setting up the infrastructure that was needed for those Megaprojects from environmental to renewed energy.

Mega Reservoir projects and water security

In view of the Qatar 2030 vision, Qatar has decided to set up a water security project and in view of Qatar 2030 vision, which entails the construction of five potable mega reservoirs sites and interconnecting network of large diameter water pipelines, each reservoirs site will ultimately comprise up to nine reservoirs, each of which will be the largest of their type in the world.

Mega reservoirs and pumping stations will be constructed at five strategic locations along the Qatar National Utility Corridor. The first phase of the project, which is currently under implementation, will deliver storage capacity of about 2,300 million gallons of water in 24 huge concrete reservoirs and some 480km of buried ductile iron pipelines with a diameter up to 1.6m.

The second stage of the project, which will be implemented after 2020, will include construction of additional pipelines and 16 new reservoirs within the 5 mega sites to achieve an ultimate total storage capacity of about 3,800 million gallons of water.


Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Our main activity in the recent years was in the wastewater treatment work, we have won the prestigious Doha South Wastewater Treatment Plant I, II and the Extension & Expansion programme. With eventual capacity to handle the flow of Doha city with a population of 1000,000 inhabitants approximately

We have been also awarded similar work with a smaller scope for the AL KHOR Wastewater treatment track I, II to cater for 70,000 inhabitants.

We have partnered in the field of Wastewater Treatment and complete Water Cycle are Xylem (Formerly known as ITT Industries Inc.)